The Dmorph Story

An interview with the team

Dmorph Inc. is the forefront leader of large file transfer and it’s not solely because they have the best product on the market. They’ve become the industry leader and created the best product on the market by listening to their customers. Dmorph Inc. didn’t set out to be the premier supplier of large data transfer, but they did so by sticking to their core value of giving the customer what they want.

In interviewing Dmorph’s staff, one cohesive theme came shining through: Dmorph is a company established entirely on meeting customer needs. It is because of this that they have the best customers and have created the best large file transfer service available. Customer service has always been the driving force that makes this small group stand out in a big way in an industry that relies heavily on bots to provide canned ‘help’ to their customers.

Dmorph began like many tech startups: employees of a large tech firm who had entrepreneurial instincts with a passion and a dream . The official story goes that Dmorph got its start in 2008, but it was a glisten in the eyes of the founders long before that.

The 5 original members of the Dmorph team originally worked together at a large tech company and over time they got to know one another. Inevitability the idea of starting a company started to get kicked around between Dmorph founders Anil Kamath and Jami Choudhury. Along came Sagain Saowaluck as founder, followed by Paul Linebaugh and finally by Jeff Waller, who would turn out to the missing puzzle piece that the team had been searching for.

Anil was the first to leave the corporate tech firm and formally incorporated Data Morph Inc., which is now Dmorph. Jami soon followed and the two got to the work of swapping out lofty dreams of a startup for the realities of startup life. While Jami was deep in market research and client meetings, Anil made headway on the logistical, technical side. It became clear to both of them that Sagain would be a perfect and necessary addition to the team.

What lured Sagain from a steady tech job to a tech startup?

“I joined Dmorph because I wanted to work on exciting projects that weren’t dictated by other people. I wanted the freedom to implement the solutions that would work effectively. Our company culture allows for that. Here, I can work hard and control my own destiny.” -Sagain

eSecureSend: the early days

Dmorph’s premiere SaaS, eSecureSend (eSS), began as a file transfer service for companies looking to outsource accounting services to India. While the team saw a need and a way to make it happen, CPAs weren’t keen on having their bread and butter shipped overseas. As they would soon find out, everything for a reason.

In laying the groundwork for Dmorph, the right connections were made, the right team was formed and the inner workings of what is now eSS were set in place. All it took was one customer asking if the technology could be used to ship large data and a spark was lit for what would become the premier large data transfer service available.

It wasn’t too long after Sagain came on that the group called on Paul to join the team full time. Paul had woven in and out of the picture, but once the team reached a certain growth point it was obvious he was the exact person to take Dmorph to the next level. Paul works behind the scenes managing customers’ servers and making the inner workings, well work.

“The way we get things done, it's not like a huge company. We can get things done a lot quicker, working through all the red flags and stuff. We decide what to do and we do it. That’s pretty nice. We can work with the latest software and hardware that's out there, the newest stuff.” -Paul

The team kept diligently working to make user friendly, cost effective, large data file transfer a marketable reality, but they kept getting stuck at the same point. Anil reached out to one of their old colleagues from their former company, Jeff Waller. As fate would have it, Jeff had been working on making that exact technology. He came on board completing the core Dmorph group. To hear the other four originals describe this, it sounds like something out of a movie. Jeff on the other hand, is nonchalant about it. Tinkering with technology is what he does.

As someone who could clearly tinker with technology for any firm of any size and level of establishment, why stay with a startup? Jeff’s answer echoes the words of the others and shows what makes Dmorph truly different.

“Sometimes when you're trying to put things together there's a lot of there's a lot of pressure to get things working and that pressure can drive people apart. It doesn't seem to have happen for us. There were times when things were difficult. It wasn't a matter of something that couldn't be addressed. It wasn’t something couldn't be talked through. That stands out to me. Other groups, I could see them flying apart but it didn't happen for us. We always seem to have an answer for whatever the problem.” -Jeff

It’s almost hard to believe the abilities of this small group of people. Most customers have never had a reason to call customer service at Dmorph and that’s because of the ingenious, hardworking group of people behind the product. The customers that have called are surprised to speak with a real person.

How can this small team do the seemingly impossible?

“Given any problem I think we have all the right people to solve it. If you give [us] a problem, I think we will get it done - not because just the talent in the company, but I think the determination and perseverance.” -Anil

Customer Service is Key

Jami Choudhury is typically the first member of the team clients meet. Jami’s take on what makes this tech company stand out echoed Anil’s answer, while bringing forth a very important component of the company’s success: they genuinely want to be the best product for their customers.

“I think it's our backgrounds. We come from very different backgrounds and skill sets. It’s a unique product in and of itself. eSS as a product needs to work behind the scenes. It needs to work every time, all the time. For the people who are shipping large data, we want to be that company.” - Jami

It’s clear to see what makes this team unique and successful, but what exactly does Dmorph mean by large data transfer? Large. Gigantic. Huge. If a common data transfer service uses a standard moving box as an example, eSecureSend (eSS) is transferring cargo ships. They’re serving customers who consistently transfer between 10 GB to 3 TB a month. If a 2 GB account meets your needs, eSS is not for you.

Cargo Ships of Data

Until eSS showed up on the market, data this size was transferred via labor and time intensive measures such as shipping hard drives or using archaic FTP. By continually meeting customer needs, Dmorph has rolled out a product with auto-resume transfer, user friendly status monitoring and automatic download.

The New Era of Sending Large Files

Forget the time, cost and environmental impact of shipping hard drives that may or may not be destroyed upon arrival to your customer. Leave massively outdated and labor intensive FTP in the past where it belongs. eSS has made it as simple as downloading the software, point, click, send and get back to the business of actually running your business.