Rubixis is an innovative healthcare revenue cycle solutions company

Rubixis is an innovative healthcare revenue cycle solutions company which partnered with Dmorph, Inc to build a solution that is built on the simple principle that for every patient claim there is a scientific optimal answer for:

  • Maximum possible reimbursement.
  • Least amount of time that is required to get a claim paid and gets recorded in respective accounting systems.
  • Lowest amount of cost that is necessary to get this claim paid.

Rubixis is a comprehensive solution and not just a software or service. Their solution incorporates various technologies and automation tools which leverages manual resources to achieve a “zero-defect” solution with “100%” coverage.

Dmorph Knows Healthcare

Dmorph built a Rubixis proprietary payor-rules engine that contains comprehensive insurance payment criteria and reimbursement guidelines for all major insurance carriers. Discrepancies in documentation and other rules based problems are flagged in real time and communicated back to the healthcare provider through the platform messaging system before claims are created, hence eliminating claim denials, insurance underpayments, and many hours of back and forth billing tasks.

This comprehensive platform was built utilizing Dmorph frame-work where a healthcare provider can:

  • Define ideal state with respect to revenues, A/R days and costs associated with patient claims
  • Measure current state of provider’s revenues, A/R days and costs
  • Analyze the reasons for the discrepancy between “ideal” and “current” state.
  • Remove the discrepancy and maintain the “ideal” state.